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FarmWorks Classic saves you time and trouble

by automatically completing animal movement documents. Many movement reports can also be submitted online as well, or simply print out a copy and post it.

Movement documents

FarmWorks Classic can generate the movement documents you need to report cattle movements on and off your farm, including Food Chain Information. Holding details can be selected from a dropdown list instead of filled in manually, and tag numbers collected by the Stock Recorder can be copied and pasted into electronic documents.


Sending movement data to BCMS

Cattle movements on and off your UK holding recorded in FarmWorks Classic can be forwarded to the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS).  After a movement is recorded, FarmWorks Classic gives you the option either to submit a report to BCMS by email, or to print out a copy for you to send by post.  


Sample FarmWorks Classic Reports

Movement Report
Movement Report

Animal List
Animal List

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