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Out on the farm: Keeping sheep records has never been so easy

The Stock Recorder is two tools in one - an EID tag reader and a handheld computer running our FarmWorks Classic software. Press the side button to scan a tag, then use either the keyboard or touchscreen to record animal details.

This system works as hard as you do – outdoors, in all weather and year-round. The Stock Recorder travels with you to the shed, to the race or to the market. It’s tough enough to get dirty and wet, with a long-life battery you can depend on to keep working.

On the farm use the Stock Recorder instead of pen and paper –

  • tag numbers
  • weights
  • drafting
  • tupping
  • lambing
  • movements off the farm
  • movements on the farm
  • deaths
  • medicine treatments
  • fostering
  • sales
  • purchases
  • change tag numbers
  • pregnancy scanning

The Stock Recorder works as a portable record book too – look up individual lambing records, weight gain, pedigrees, medical treatments, etc.

Collect as much information as you want to make management decisions with confidence. Collect as much information as you need to meet legislation.

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In the office: Use FarmWorks Classic to connect to industry partners.

Herd or holding registry, travel documents, medicines and treatment records might be required for government agencies, depending on where you farm. FarmWorks Classic can do the paperwork for you, through internet links to BCMS, CTS and LIS. You can submit electronic documents online or print them out and post them later.

Pedigree farmers using genetic improvement programs can submit birth and weight reports straight from FarmWorks Classic into Signet (UK), GenOvis (Canada) or Lambplan (Australia and the US).


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Putting it to work: Put the power of EID to work for you

Save time managing records

Paper records are slow to write and hard to read. Lists and scribbled notes just aren’t good enough for making management decisions in modern farming.

Instead, scan tag numbers, link them to births, deaths, weights, treatments, traits and movements, and then let the software do the work – organize, calculate and sort the raw data into reports you can analyse and act on.

Livestock managers face three big challenges – genetic selection to increase profits, animal handling systems that save time and labour, and keeping up with government requirements and paperwork. The answer is FarmWorks Classic and EID together, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Speed up animal handling

EID ear tags make collecting information fast and accurate. Weigh, sort, treat, move, load – scan the ear tags and let the software do the rest. Draft sheep as fast as you can fill the race!

Select superior breeding stock

Measure the traits that matter to you – fertility, milking ability, weight gain or carcass qualities. Then select the next generation of top-performing dams and sires to lift your farm’s profits.

Easily meet your legal requirements

FarmWorks Classic can send animal movement records to LIS and BCMS over the internet. Or if you prefer, print out travel documents all filled in and ready for you to post. Use FarmWorks Classic to record births, deaths and sales so your annual flock report is always accurate, and ready for inspection.


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