Getting Started Sheep


Your farm is as unique as you are.

FarmWorks Classic allows you to customize every detail – add breeds, ailments and death reasons; enter details of the abattoirs and markets you do business with, as well as information on other farms, suppliers, vets, feed sellers and hauliers. FarmWorks Classic is also compatible with many quality assurance schemes and organic certification.


Setting up

Method 1 – Through a function in FarmWorks Classic on the PC

Type in the exact tag number as shown on the animal’s tag, sex, breed and date of birth for each sheep currently on your farm. Optionally you can add dam and sire, or full pedigrees over many generations. Add animals one at a time, or enter multiple animals with similar details (age, breed, sex). Method 1 is not the fastest but it does allow for great detail, including purchase price and seller’s details. Your sheep records will be transferred from FarmWorks Classic on the PC to your Stock Recorder when you synch.

Method 2 – Scan each sheep with the Stock Recorder

Read the EID number; select the sex, breed and date of birth, and lock the EID to the animal. Your sheep records will be transferred from the Stock Recorder to FarmWorks Classic on the PC when you synch. This is the fastest method for getting your sheep records linked to EIDs.

Method 3 – Import from a spreadsheet

If you have been keeping records on a spreadsheet, or if you are currently using a different software program, then it may be easiest to do a mass import of your animal data using a specially formatted file. FarmWorks Classic can import a csv file with all your tag numbers and details, provided all the information is in the correct columns and formatted properly. The FarmWorks Classic User Guide provides clear instructions on how to format this file, and our support staff will be happy to help if you need assistance getting started.

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