Your Computer


Any new Windows computer on the market now will run FarmWorks Classic software. If you have an older computer then check it against the requirements below. If it matches or betters these specifications then you will have no problem running FarmWorks Classic.

 Any PC that can comfortably run Windows 7 or later and that has a minimum of 4GB RAM should have no problem running FarmWorks Classic. Of course FarmWorks Classic will run faster on a higher specification computer. If you have any doubts please get in touch to discuss it or we can send you a demo disk so you can try it on your PC.

Note to Mac users: Unfortunately Shearwell does not support FarmWorks Classic and the Stock Recorder on the Mac operating system. You must use a Windows operating system to run these programs.

An internet connection is required for some functions within FarmWorks Classic. Use an internet connection to:

  • Register your software online
  • Receive automatic upgrades
  • Submit movement documents to BCMS and LIS
  • Download lists of medicine details from the Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD)
  • Download standard lists of ailments and death reasons.

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