Fort Workwear

Designed to work for you, Fort Workwear® is an extensive range of clothing and safety footwear which has been specifically created by Castle Clothing to provide you with quality, durability, and exceptional value for money. 

Fort Workwear is the new name for the Blue Castle and Fortress brands.

Established in 1972, Castle Clothing® is a leading British clothing and footwear company which owns, manufacturers, and distributes the workwear brands TuffStuff and Fort for all types of tradesmen and workers.

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Penarth Hoodie Jacket

£26.00 excl VAT £20.80 excl VAT

Woodbridge Shirt

£14.00 excl VAT £11.20 excl VAT

Tattersall Shirt

£12.00 excl VAT £9.60 excl VAT

Air Flex Bib N Brace

£21.00 excl VAT

Air Flex Trousers

£14.00 excl VAT

Air Flex Waterproof Jacket

£23.00 excl VAT

Regent Safety Dealer Boot

£45.00 excl VAT £36.00 excl VAT