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Heatwave Milk Warmer by Pyon

Warm milk delivery system for calves, lambs and goat kids

Heatwave Milk Warmer uses a heat exchange technology to heat the milk on demand instead of it always being warmed. This keeps the milk fresher for longer.

Suitable for feeding lambs, calves & goat kids.

Heatwave Milk Warmer includes both 4 x calf teats & 4 x lamb teats so you are set up for both. You could feed up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/goat kids. Easy to clean, needing just around 5 minutes once a day to keep in a good hygienic condition.

£425.00 excl VAT

Contents of Box

  • 1 Heatwave Milk Warmer™
  • 1 Heatwave Milk Warmer™ Storage Box/Milk store 48L
  • 4 Supersuckler bayonet fittings with 3 screws per unit
  • 4 Non-return Valves, 5M Silicone Tubing.
  • 2 “Y” connectors with short silicone connector and metal connectors.
  • 4 lamb teats and 4 Calf teats
  • 2 silicone tubes with weights and yellow milk filters 1.2M long (cut to size)
  • 10 cable ties
  • 2 Plastic Stokbord teat bars
  • 1 Hand pump for cleaning
  • 400gms Total Cleaning powder
  • 1 Set of instructions
  • 12 Months Parts Warranty

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