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The Porcichew provides an enriched environment for pigs.

• UK Farm Assurance Schemes now demand that all intensively reared pigs have suitable 'enrichment' to keep them occupied.
• Porcichew is designed to give consistent pig interaction over a number of months.
• Available in 4 different food grade colours and 4 different food grade scents
• All trialled at farm level.
• Suitable from 3 - 4 weeks old to finisher / sow / boar

Colour / Scent

• Black / Liquorice
• Green / Apple
• Light Brown / Malt
• Brown / Chocolate

The flavours/scents are uniquely encapsulated throughout the product so that the more a pig bites, the more scent is released.

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Product Description

Porcichew is anti-bacterial and is certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria, and has been shown to reduce many vices in pigs, such as ear/tail/flank biting. The chain is specially designed with a hand welded ring 6 links from the bottom. This gives added interaction and sound for the pigs.

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