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The Porcichew provides an enriched environment for pigs.

The UK Farm Assurance Schemes now demand that all intensively reared pigs have suitable 'enrichment' to keep them occupied.

Porcichew is designed to give consistent pig interaction over a number of months.

Porcichew offers variety
Available in 8 different food grade colours and 8 different food grade scents - all trialled at farm level.

Colour / Scent

Gold / Truffle
Black / Liquorice
Burgundy / Aniseed
Green / Apple
Light Brown / Malt
Yellow / Vanilla
Orange / Toffee
Brown / Chocolate

The flavours/scents are uniquely encapsulated throughout the product so that the more a pig bites, the more scent is released.

From £7.60 excl VAT

Obstetrical Lubricant

Lubricating gel for use during lambing, calving and farrowing. 500g

A quality obstetrical gel is recommended for use whenever manual intervention is required when an animal is giving birth. It causes less stress and reduces the risk of inadvertently injuring the animal.

£4.00 excl VAT

Premium Digital Thermometer

Accurate, easy-read digital thermometer for livestock use

Kruuse Thermometer. A quality, digital thermometer for use with sheep, goats, pigs and cattle for an accurate, fast read-out. The clear digital display gives a quick reading and provides an audible signal when the peak temperature has been reached.

This Kruuse product is water-resistant and has an auto power off facility. The thermometer is supplied in a neat storage case for added protection as well as an instruction leaflet.

• Easy to read digital LCD
• Fast and accurate measurement ~ 10 seconds
• Memory display for last temperature taken
• Over 5000 measurements
• Accuracy +/- 0.1 °C . +/- 0.2 °F
• Automatic shut-off function
• Measuring scale in Celsius or Fahrenheit (switchable)
• Water-resistant
• Replaceable battery

£5.50 excl VAT
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