Green Caddy Tray

Keep your showing or grooming kit all in one place with this Green Caddy Tray. We also use ours to keep all our castration, sprays and tags together at lambing time. It fits securely over our lambing pen sides so going pen to pen is made easy and you don't have to leave it on the ground.

£4.50 excl VAT

Tank brush with 100cm handle

Universal and boiler brush

- 125 x 200 mm
- bristles heat-resistant to 80 °C
- polypropylene bristles, 0.3 mm, medium hardness

up to 80 °C heat-resistant

£19.00 excl VAT

Traditional Lamb Foot Pocket Knife

Traditional rounded tip Lamb Foot pocket knife with straight edge

Made in Sheffield using high carbon stainless steel, these knives keep a very sharp edge. The straight cutting edge makes for good controllability. The imitation stag horn handles provide a firm grip and are very durable and the 2.5 inch blade length makes them a versatile round-the-farm tool.

PLEASE NOTE: The pen knife has a blade of 2.5 inches and is designed for use on farm only and MUST NOT be carried in a public place.

£10.50 excl VAT
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