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Volac Lamb Volostrum

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Volac Lamb Volostrum

When there’s no or little maternal ewe colostrum available, Volac Lamb Volostrum is a great, easily-absorbed 100% natural alternative.

This easy to prepare feed provides a highly digestible energy source and alternative to natural colostrum. It is 100 % natural and it can reduce the risk of hypothermia or potential onset of disease.

It has a shelf life of up to three years and is a must-have in the lambing shed.

Available in either 500g with scoop or 10 x 50g handy sachets

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Product Description

When using as a supplement - Mix at the rate of 25g (1 level scoop) of Lamb Volostrum powder with 50ml of warm water (40°C), to make up a total volume of approximately 70ml.

When using as a natural alternative to colostrum -Mix at the rate of 50g (2 level scoops) of Lamb Volostrum powder with 100ml of warm water (40°C), to make up a total volume of approximately 140ml.

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