Non-Vac Bottle Rack System

Feed one to four lambs simultaneously and unattended.

NETTEX Non-Vac Bottle Rack System is the most innovative multi-lamb feeder ever designed, simple and effective for rearing orphan lambs. Saves feeding and cleaning time and saves money and wastage by allowing only the required amount of milk to be mixed. Feed one to four lambs simultaneously and unattended.

Coated for long life, the bottle rack system can be fixed to the front of the pen or hung on fences, walls etc. Comes complete with fixing screws, four 500ml non-vac bottles, non-vac teats and collars. Ready for use.

£35.00 excl VAT

Heatwave Milk Warmer by Pyon

Warm milk delivery system for calves, lambs and goat kids

Heatwave Milk Warmer uses a heat exchange technology to heat the milk on demand instead of it always being warmed. This keeps the milk fresher for longer.

Suitable for feeding lambs, calves & goat kids.

Heatwave Milk Warmer includes both 4 x calf teats & 4 x lamb teats so you are set up for both. You could feed up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/goat kids. Easy to clean, needing just around 5 minutes once a day to keep in a good hygienic condition.

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£425.00 excl VAT

Volac Lamb Volostrum

Volac Lamb Volostrum

When there’s no or little maternal ewe colostrum available, Volac Lamb Volostrum is a great, easily-absorbed 100% natural alternative.

This easy to prepare feed provides a highly digestible energy source and alternative to natural colostrum. It is 100 % natural and it can reduce the risk of hypothermia or potential onset of disease.

It has a shelf life of up to three years and is a must-have in the lambing shed.

Available in either 500g with scoop or 10 x 50g handy sachets Pdf IconSAFETY DATA SHEET

From £17.50 excl VAT

Ultra Concentrate Premium Lamb Colostrum

1 x 250g (10x25g Sachets)

NETTEX Ultra Concentrate Colostrum for Lambs is an easy-to-mix feed comprising colostrum and extra Vitamin E. It supports the animals’ immune system and protects against stress and hypothermia.

It is made using the patented NETTEX COLLATE absorption technology which bonds essential nutrients to the energy base during manufacture which makes it rapidly absorbed by the animal. This in turn means that the nutrient uptake is also rapid.

Contains: Concentrated bovine colostrum (from Johne’s and EBL free herds), whey protein powder, coconut oil, hydrolysed wheat protein, egg protein, vitamins and minerals
Only one box left in stock!

£30.00 excl VAT

Anti-Vac Lamb Feed Bottle - 500ml

• Complete with teat
• Individually adjustable milk flow
• Bottle neck with large diameter for easy filling
• Large graduations
• 500ml

Always needed and good to have at hand. Supplied with teat and featuring a large bottle neck for easy filling as well as with clear graduatiions for accurate dosage.

£4.50 excl VAT

Battles Ewe Drink 150ml

Handy pick me up for ewes after lambing

• Restore ewes to normal health after lambing
• Tonic and cordial for exhaustion in ewes after lambing
• Suitable for chills and a fever
• Easy to administer straight from handy bottle


£3.40 excl VAT

Bottle Brush

Practical bottle brush to keep equipment clean

Keeping feeding equipment clean can help with lamb and calf health. This is ideal brush to get into the hard to get to bottle neck or into feeding buckets where the teats fit.

• 41cm long
• 6cm wide bristles
• Long enough for our lamb and calf bottles

£4.50 excl VAT

Lamb Kick Start

100ml with 2 ml pump dispenser. Feed up to 4 ml per lamb

Lamb Kick-Start makes the animal more alert and able to suck better so it gets more colostrum just when it is most needed to boost the immune system. It helps the lamb’s gut to function better and develop into a healthier animal.

The constituents of Kick-Start assist in metabolizing feed optimally to improve body cell mass, tissue development and to optimize feed conversion. It can be used as a supplement for a few days to promote natural growth and to aid the digestive system.

Administer up to 4 ml for newborns or 2 ml orally per 1 kg body weight. No need to refrigerate.

Lamb Kick Start is a rapid energy and nutrition boost for weak and fading newborn lambs. Administer Lamb Kick Start in the first three weeks of life to help improve survival, welfare and profitable performance.

Lamb Kick Start contains COLLATE Technology, a patented process that causes an intermolecular bonding to occur between each of the nutrients and the energy base. This allows the source of the energy to become an effective carrier of the essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream of the animal. Within 30 minutes, 50% of the nutrients are delivered into the animal’s bloodstream providing a surge of energy and nutrition.

£18.50 excl VAT

Non-Vac Teats (4 Pack)

Bulbous teat end encourages more rapid acceptance by lambs

NETTEX Non-Vac Teats is a specially designed isoprene teat with a unique moulded in vacuum release valve to make feeding easier. Bulbous teat end encourages more rapid acceptance by lambs. Special hollow cone tip allows flow of milk to be regulated.

Pack of 4

£6.00 excl VAT

Pritchard Screw On Lamb Teat (4 Pack)

Lambing Teats (4 Pack)
Screws onto bottles

£3.90 excl VAT

Pull Over Lamb Teat (4 pack)

Pull over lambing teats (4 Pack)

£2.10 excl VAT

Push in Lamb Teat (4 Pack)

Lambing teats that pushs into bottle necks (4 Pack)

£2.60 excl VAT

Red Lamb Bar Teat (4 Pack)

A lambing teat to fit bar, shepherdess feeders etc (4 Pack)

£3.00 excl VAT

Stomach Tube Lamb Feeder 60ml

For feeding colostrum to lambs gently, safely and quickly.

A stomach tube can save a lamb’s life. Getting colostrum into the lamb’s stomach quickly is essential to boost its immune system and getting it to thrive; getting it in safely and gently requires a bit of experience and a sterile, accurate feeder.

This feeder has a 60 ml metered syringe for accurate dosing and the tube is designed for gentle, minimal-stress insertion.

£4.00 excl VAT

Teat Feeder Bucket Teats (6 Pack)

Pack of 6 teats including valves

£6.00 excl VAT

Twin Lamb Care

1 litre - Energy supplement with trace elements to give nutritional support for ewes with twin or multiple lambs.

A fast-acting drench you can administer to those ewes carrying twin lambs. This energy supplement is complete with essential trace elements (the important dietary minerals needed in very small quantities) and it will give valuable nutritional boost to support the ewe.

Recommended dosage instructions on the side of the bottle.

£9.60 excl VAT

Twin Lamb Drench

150ml - An energy-rich drench with essential trace elements to give extra nutritional support to ewes carrying multiple lambs

A fast-acting drench you can administer to those ewes carrying twin or multiple lambs. This energy supplement is complete with essential trace elements (the important dietary minerals needed in very small quantities) and it will give valuable nutritional boost to support the ewe.

Directions for use
Shake well before use.
To provide the necessary replacement energy give the ewe 75ml and repeat in 6 hours if necessary.

£3.70 excl VAT


Sturdy Steel Whisks.

25 cm and 40 cm length options

Proper mixing of colostrum and supplements is essential to ensuring your animals achieve a quick and efficient uptake of nutrients and a fast response. And when the whisk is in continual use, a lightweight one simply won't cut it in the long term.

These steel whisks are made to last with a good-sized handle for a secure grip.

From £6.00 excl VAT

Wydale 5 Teat Lamb / Kid Feeder

The Wydale 5 teat feeder for lambs or kids

• Developed for fast yet efficient group feeding
• Developed for enhanced milk digestion
• Easy to hang
• Teats are positioned to provide a natural drinking setting
• Helps with digestion of milk and can reduce scour and bloat
• 5 individual stations each holding 1 litre
• Easy to clean
• Suitable for lambs or kids

Length = 610 mm
Width = 260 mm
Depth = 160 mm

£36.85 excl VAT

5L Black Buckets (pack of 10)

Lightweight 5L feed or water buckets (pack of 10)

Good quality, lightweight but durable plastic buckets. They have a wide base so are more stable in a pen and less likely to be knocked over. Only 99p each.

A very popular product. Excellent value. Ideal for lambing pens.

£9.90 excl VAT

Measuring Jugs

Available in 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litre sizes

Jugs for accurate mixing of additives and feed supplements.

From £3.00 excl VAT

Wash Brush 22 cm

Boil-proof rugged scrubbing brush

Not just a scrubbing brush, but a tool you’ll be able to count on to get surfaces properly clean. 22 cm in length, this brush can be boiled for deep cleaning and it will last and last.

The two splayed ends help you clean even in hard to reach corners and recesses.

£8.50 excl VAT

Ultra Concentrate Premium Lamb Colostrum

1 x 500g (20x25g Sachets)

**New Larger Pack Size**
• Easy to mix
• UK sourced colostrum
• Patented NETTEX Collate absorption technology
• Supports immune system and protects against stress and hypothermia
• Rapidly absorbed by the animal
• Natural, full fat colostrum sourced exclusively from TB & EBL free UK herds
• Contains vitamin E, high quality supplement provides energy and support


£45.00 excl VAT

Lamb Bucket - 6 Teat

Improved feeder bucket system with metal bracket for hanging on walls, feed barriers, fences, etc.

• Additional metal handle for carrying
• Stackable
• Durable
• Food Safe
• Holds up to 12 litres
• 6 Teats and valves included
• Spare teats available

£17.00 excl VAT
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