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Animal Handling


Animal Handling

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The Stock Recorder links to other Shearwell electronic equipment that can make your job even easier. Because these products are all designed, built and tested by Shearwell, you can be sure they are fully compatible and ready to work together.

Shearwell Stick Reader

This rugged tag reader links via Bluetooth to the Stock Recorder to extend your reach. Use it to scan cattle crowded in a pen, or reach out to scan cows and calves on grass.

Stick Reader in Yard
 The stick reader is also a stand-alone tag reader that stores thousands of tag numbers, or can link to a PC, a mobile printer or our Stock Move Express phone app.

Mobile Printer

This rugged little printer links with Bluetooth to the Stock Recorder. Record tag numbers on the Stock Recorder then send to the printer for a list to attach to travel documents.

Mobile Printer

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Shearwell is a founder member of ALIDMA, the industry body for UK animal identification manufacturers and suppliers