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Your best ewes are paying the bills, your worst ewes are costing you money.


Linking dams with lambs at birth is the first step to measuring ewe productivity. Maternal traits that are critical to your farm’s profits - litter size, lamb survival and mothering ability can be increased by selective breeding. Genetic improvement happens when you only keep replacements from your top-performers.


  Why record lambing?

Record lambing:

  • to link dams with their lambs to measure ewe productivity
  • to match lambs with their dams in case of problems
  • for flock register and inventory purposes

Use a lambing report:

  • to calculate lambing percentages
  • to compare maternal traits of ewes
  • to cull ewes that have not lambed
  • to cull ewes that gave birth but lost all their lambs

Lambing on the Stock Recorder

Farmer's PC
Stock recorder
Sheep Procedures screen
Lambing screen
Lambing screen

Sample FarmWorks Reports

Click on the links below to view a sample lambing related report:

Image of a report

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