Lambing Scores


Lambing Scores

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Use your own scoring system to rate dams and newborn lambs.


Score a ewe for her mothering and milk supply at lambing time. Good mothers wean more lambs! Score a newborn lamb for its vigour and ease of birth. You can reduce future lambing problems by selecting replacement ewe lambs that were born unassisted themselves.


  Why record lambing scores?

Record lambing scores:

  • to note problems at lambing.
  • to note superior dams at lambing
  • to set a birth weight default.

Use a lambing score report:

  • to help make culling decisions.
  • to help make decisions on selecting replacements.
  • To identify problem animals or genetic line.
Lambing Scores

Lambing Scores on the Stock Recorder

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Lambing screen
Lambing screen

Sample FarmWorks Reports

Click on the links below to view a sample lambing related report:

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