Lambing Pen Sides (Packs of 10)

£270.00 excl VAT
Made of top-grade exterior ply and with locating pin.

4 Foot Pen Side = Dimensions: 48" x 32"
5 Foot Pen Side = Dimensions: 60" x 30"

Easy-to-assemble lambing sides to create uniform, secure lambing pens.

We recommend that pens are assembled from either four 4 ft sides or for triplets and large ewes with twins, two 4 ft sides and two 5 ft sides.

Note: Pen Sides are sold in packs of 10 sides

Please call the office on 01643 841611 to order or for delivery charges to your area

Get a FREE Shearwell Beanie with every Pen Side order.

To receive yours, please mention ‘free beanie’ when placing your order over the phone.

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Product Description

Lambing Pens

You can select our lambing pen sides in 4ft or 5ft sizes as well as in combinations of 'SIDE' and 'FRONT/BACK' panels.

Your particular shed setup (e.g. with pens next to a wall and/or in a corner [1] or freestanding [2] [3]) will determine the combination of  'Sides' and 'Front/Back' panels you need.

All lambing pens are fully compatible with our Adopter and Hay Rack options

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