Shearwell Lamb Adopter - Additional

£190.00 excl VAT
Panels required to make an additional 4 foot square pen suitable for all ewe sizes

Unique patented design supplied by Shearwell - lamb adopters can be used with lambing pen sides (also supplied by Shearwell).

Ewes are backed into the adopter through yoke doors allowing the adopter to be placed against a wall or another pen.

Additional adopters interlink with complete adopters, so that you require one less side per unit.

Supplied with:
1 four foot pen side
1 four foot pen back
1 adopter front
3 locating pins
1 slatted floor
2 dual height anti-crush bars

Please call the office on 01643 841611 to order or for delivery charges to your area

Product Code SDL-ADPTAD
Enquire Or call 01643 841611

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