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Stock Recorder X6 + FarmWorks Classic

£1,740.00 excl VAT
Shearwell X6 STOCK RECORDER + FarmWorks Classic

The X6 is a lightweight device designed to capture cattle and sheep data by working seamlessly with FarmWorks Classic.

With its built-in RFID tag reader, you can use the X6 to record breeding, births, weights, treatments, movements and much more. The X6 is rugged, reliable and easy to use. Its size enables you to carry it in your pocket, so great when you are out on the farm. Once back in the office it will help you stay on top of your record keeping.

To find out more please contact your local representative or call Shearwell support on 01643 841814

Product Code SDL-HHNX6

Product Description


  • Light weight: 254.5g
  • 6 inch easy read screen
  • Touch screen
  • Allows easy recording and review of information while out working with your livestock
  • Links to readers and weigh scales via Bluetooth
  • Comes with a screen protector and hand strap

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