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FarmWorks Classic - Sheep

£375.00 excl VAT
FarmWorks Classic - Sheep

A complete management program for the sheep farmer who records his sheep individually. Allows detailed recording, from Scrapie results to full Pedigree details. Comprehensive reporting options for breeders, finishers and pedigree farmers. Fully compatible with the Shearwell Data EID systems.

Includes one year's technical support via telephone and email and FarmWorks Classic software updates.

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Product Description

FarmWorks Classic - Sheep and Electronic Identification

FarmWorks Classic - Sheep is an important part of the Shearwell Electronic ID package. It enables data that has been captured efficiently and accurately using RFID, to be uploaded to the computer and used for management purposes. Scrapie genotypes and parental information are downloaded from FarmWorks Classic - Sheep to the stock recorder to provide valuable management information when working with sheep.

The stock recorder, linked with either a reader in a crate or a handheld reader, captures data such as lambing, weights, movements, tuppings and treatments. Once this data is transmitted to FarmWorks Classic - Sheep, it can be used for management and selection purposes. The software in FarmWorks Classic - Sheep and the stock recorder enables drafting of sheep by a variety of criteria including genotype, sex, breed, age, cull reasons, multiple births and many more. The drafting tools available range from a simple light indicator that attaches to your existing drafting gates to a state-of-the-art automatic drafting crate for the large commercial flock owner or contractor.

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Annual Support

Software support is included for the first year. This provides telephone support and program updates as well as access to our customer support Website. After this period we will offer continued support for an annual fee.

FarmWorks Classic - Sheep - £95

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