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FarmWorks Classic - Cattle

£375.00 excl VAT
FarmWorks Classic - Cattle

Comprehensive cattle management software that helps you manage your herd. Initial download from and compare your records with CTS Online. Links through to BCMS for easy passport application and movement notification. Comprehensive reporting options for breeders, finishers and pedigree farmers. Fully compatible with the Shearwell Data EID systems.

Includes one year's technical support via telephone and email and FarmWorks Classic software updates.

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Product Code SDL-FWC
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Product Description

Functions include recording the purchase, movement, sale and slaughter of stock, servicing and calving, weights, treatments and TB test results. The program interfaces with the BCMS system, allowing passport and movement applications to be submitted and details of on-farm stock to be downloaded and compared with records held by BCMS. There is an extensive range of reports that can be produced including transport certificates and official stock checks.


Annual Support

Software support is included for the first year. This provides telephone support and program updates as well as access to our customer support Website. After this period we will offer continued support for an annual fee.

FarmWorks Classic - Cattle - £95

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