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Grooming and Showing

Metal Curry Comb with Mane Comb

Suitable for use in both cattle & horses

• Galvanized
• 8 open rows
• Quadruple wire bearing
• Colourless top coat
• Includes mane comb
• Fine-toothed
• Wooden handle

£6.50 excl VAT

Jakoti Hand Shears

Superb quality sheep shears, used across Europe for shearing fleece by hand for more than 30 years and now available in the UK. These shears are also designed for use in the garden.

These superb shears are really comfortable to use even after extended use. They are light and the spring provides optimal tension. They are manufactured out of high quality carbon steel which keeps its edge and the self-sharpening design (as the blades pass each other, there is a sharpening action) means consistent, sharp cuts every time. Spare springs are available.

Excellent quality, excellent value.

£24.00 excl VAT

Cattle Curry Comb

• Galvanized
• 2 Bars
• Length: 5.5 cm
• Width: 12.5 cm

£2.80 excl VAT

Grooming Brush

Nylon bristles with wooden back and hand strap

Length: 24 cm
Width: 10 cm

£3.50 excl VAT

Heavy Duty Cattle Training Halter

Halter for Cows and Young Bulls

• Strong material reinforced with leather
• Dependable training aid that is comfortable for the animal
• Gentle against animals skin
• Excellent quality withstands tough use
• Adjustable head and nose strap
• With oval link and D-ring.

£10.50 excl VAT

Jakoti Leather Holster

The official Jakoti Leather Holster

Hand made using high quality leather, this is the perfect addition to the Jakoti handshears.

The holster can be fitted on to a belt for convenience and offers protection for the blades.

£12.00 excl VAT

Needle Curry Comb

• 17.5 x 8.5 cm
• Made of plastic
• Adjustable supporting loop
• Finely toothed

£0.99 excl VAT
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