Debudding and Dehorning

Gas Dehorner D-Horn - With Hose

Gas Dehorner D-Horn, with Hose

• Includes 3-metre hose for connection to standard gas cylinders.
• Robust design and light weight for long-term use.
• Includes 18mm brass dehorning tip.
• Requires a pressure regulator (not included) for use.

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Spare Gas Cartridge 110 ml

For Dehorner Gas Buddex
Kerbl Art/Item No. 1756
Kerbl Description: KERBL Gas – Spare cartridge for Gas Buddex
Please refer to the instructions for Fitting Gas Cartridge Pdf IconSAFETY DATA SHEET

£5.50 excl VAT

Dehorner Gas Buddex

The professional tool for humane dehorning of calves.

Fast heating up time and high maximum temperature of 650°C (1,200°K) make the Gas Buddex a tool of the highest quality.

Stainless steel finish guarantees durability and meets the highest expectations!

• Pain-free to the greatest possible extent for a calf through a dehorning process of maximum 10 seconds long.
• Complete with 2 x 110ml gas cartridges and tool.
• Operating temperature of about 650° C is reached within max. 3 min.
• Duration of work: 2–3 hours.
• Practical design through non-slip handle and balanced centre of gravity.
• Dependable, automatic Piezo ignition.
• Total length 31 cm.
• Comes in practical metal carrying box.
• Two years warranty.

15mm Dehorning Tip comes included.

£158.00 excl VAT

Spare Dehorning Tip, Bud Remover 20mm

for Dehorner Gas Buddex

£19.99 excl VAT

Spare Dehorning Tip, Bud Remover 15mm

for Dehorner Gas Buddex

£19.99 excl VAT

Dehorner Pliers

Available in large and small

From £21.00 excl VAT
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