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New Products

Store & Thaw Colostrum by Pyon

£1,149.00 excl VAT

ShearWeigh Weigh Head

£495.00 excl VAT

Battles Wound Powder

£9.50 excl VAT

Green Caddy Tray

£4.60 excl VAT

MatingMark Ram Crayons

£2.95 excl VAT

Air Flex Trousers

£14.00 excl VAT

Battles Foot Health Spray

£10.50 excl VAT

Draw Off Caps

£12.00 excl VAT

Shearwell Neck Warmers

£3.00 excl VAT

Sheep Restrainer

£11.50 excl VAT

Tally Counter

£3.50 excl VAT

Battles Ewe Drink 150ml

£3.40 excl VAT

Strong Iodine Solution

£10.00 excl VAT

Air Flex Bib N Brace

£19.00 excl VAT

Air Flex Waterproof Jacket

£23.00 excl VAT

Bottle Brush

£4.50 excl VAT

Regent Safety Dealer Boot

£45.00 excl VAT

Animal Marker Sticks

£1.40 excl VAT

Calf Bottle Milky Feeder

£25.00 excl VAT

Calf Milk Bottle 2ltr

£8.00 excl VAT

Lamb Bucket - 6 Teat

£17.00 excl VAT

V-Flex Bandages

£2.00 excl VAT
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Take a look at the new products we’ve just added to our farm- and animal- supplies categories. We source and pick the very best we can find to help the livestock farmer.