Cow Lifting Frame / Hoist

Sturdy adjustable frame to help cows back on their feet.

When a cow goes down, such as after a complicated parturition, this robust lifting frame will help you get it safely and securely back on its feet. The design has proved successful for decades. Gummed clamps provide extra grip on the animal to avoid slippage and are adjustable to suit every cow for a secure lift with minimized risk of bruising.

- For getting downer cows safely back on their feet.
- Adjustable gummed clamps to suit every cow.
- Use with pulley or hoist.
- Stable, robust and tried and tested design.
- Available in two sizes for small/medium and tall breeds.

From £69.99 excl VAT

Styrko Cow Kick Stopper

Cow kick stop. Extra strong, adjustable with spring lock.

Prevents kicking at milking and udder treatment.

£15.00 excl VAT

VINK Calf Puller (calving jack)

180 cm Equal Traction Birth Aid for single-handed calf pulling

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel this robust calf puller/calf jack provides a non-slip design for safety, single-handed operation and it also allows tension to be exerted straight, upwards (for posterior presentation) as well as downwards as in a normal birth.

The equal traction design features two hooks which are drawn back equally when the handle is pulled backwards.

£307.41 excl VAT

VINK Calf Puller Model Bavaria - Heavy Duty

Alternate traction 180 cm calf puller for single-handed use

This birth aid can be used so that one person can assist single-handed with difficult births, even if the foetus is the wrong way round. The strap goes around the hind quarters of the animal and prevents the puller slipping off. It is suitable for all breeds. Tensile forces can be applied to all sides (bottom, top, back) to suit the presentation. The tensile force can be released immediately in the event of complications and, if required, the user can keep both hands free.

• Suitable for both prone and standing births.
• 180 cm.
• For all breeds, beef and dairy.
• Lever action uses alternate traction, pulling back one hook at a time.
• Wear-resistant and made from stainless steel.

£352.75 excl VAT

VINK Replacement straps / ropes

Replacement ropes, in pairs for VINK caving pullers / jacks

From £8.00 excl VAT

Calf Jacket / Coat - Cosy Calf

Sturdy, breathable and water-repellent protective calf coat

When the temperature drops, calves need more energy to generate body heat and have less for growth and combating disease. A proper-fitting calf coat makes a real difference.

Available in small and large sizes, this Cosy Calf quality calf jacket is made of a tough 600D (Denier) Oxford fabric outer, with a 200 g insulating filler and a 210D lining. (The denier rating refers to the density of the fibre.) It is premium quality, with two adjustable leg straps, a chest closer and two adjustable belly straps - all to ensure a comfortable, non-chafe fit. There is even leather trim where the back of the calf’s neck might otherwise rub.

Machine washable at 40 - 50 degrees C and available in two sizes, this is the calf jacket you should choose to help your calves thrive and to reduce the risk of scours and pneumonia caused by chills or draughts.

Can be left on as long as the jacket fits.

The Cosy Calf coat is supplied with washing instructions and advice on best practice.

From £22.00 excl VAT
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