Calf Colostrum Double Strength - 200g bag

Nettex Double Strength Calf Colostrum

• UK full fat colostrum
• Give to calves when not receiving sufficient or poor quality maternal colostrum (Including orphaned calves, and calves born to heifers
• Concentrated high protein
• Supplement to give calves a strong start
• Contains added minerals, vitamins and protein
• Give as soon as possible after birth as maximum absorption occurs in the first 2 hours of life
• New pack with 85% less plastic
• Sold in single packs of 200g

£24.00 excl VAT

Heatwave Milk Warmer by Pyon

Warm milk delivery system for calves, lambs and goat kids

Heatwave Milk Warmer uses a heat exchange technology to heat the milk on demand instead of it always being warmed. This keeps the milk fresher for longer.

Suitable for feeding lambs, calves & goat kids.

Heatwave Milk Warmer includes both 4 x calf teats & 4 x lamb teats so you are set up for both. You could feed up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/goat kids. Easy to clean, needing just around 5 minutes once a day to keep in a good hygienic condition.

Please see below for delivery information

£425.00 excl VAT

Kerbl Multi Feeder Bucket - 5 Teats & Valves

• Volume: 30 litres.
• Facilitates observation of the animals during milk intake.
• 5 teat outlets for simultaneous feeding of 5 calves.
• No portioning and with rounded corners, making it very easy to clean.
• For hanging on gates, feed barriers, fences, etc. (pipes up to max. Ø 61 mm (2').
• With easy to operate rotary snap closure for fixing and securing the tray.
• Stackable, easy to transport.
• Acid-proof, food safe.
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 700 x 354 x 278 mm.

£69.99 excl VAT

Calf Feeder Bag with Stomach Tube

Feeder Bag with Stomach Tube for Calves

• 2.5 litre bag is robust
• Zip closure for easy filling and cleaning
• Administer colostrum
• Administer glucose
• Has handy hook to hang up
• Tear shaped end for easy insertion into oesophagus
• Tube clamp to regulate drinking speed and to close tube
• With embossed scale
• Comes in sterilised bag

£16.75 excl VAT

Calf Feeder Bottle and Teat (Non-Vac System)

1.5 litre polycarbonate calf feeder bottle you can sterilize in the microwave with non-vac teat for easy feeding.

The Net-Tex non-vac teat system has a unique moulded-in vacuum release valve that makes for easier feeding. The ridged bottle also has gradations on the side for accurate dosing and the whole system is suitable for calves or other larger animals. Microwave sterilization of the bottle is possible.

£9.50 excl VAT

Shoof Speedy Feeder Calf Feeding Bottle 2.5ltr

Three-speed 2.5ltr feeder for getting colostrum and milk into calves from birth

Unique calf feeder with a three-way valve for getting colostrum and milk into calves quickly and easily. Use the adjustment to regulate how fast or slow the animal can feed. You can hold the 2.5ltr bottle securely in either hand and the large diameter bottle neck (70 mm) makes filling easy.

The bottle has a broad base so it is less likely to get knocked over.

£18.50 excl VAT

Bottle Brush

Practical bottle brush to keep equipment clean

Keeping feeding equipment clean can help with lamb and calf health. This is ideal brush to get into the hard to get to bottle neck or into feeding buckets where the teats fit.

• 41cm long
• 6cm wide bristles
• Long enough for our lamb and calf bottles

£4.50 excl VAT

Measuring Jugs

Available in 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litre sizes

Jugs for accurate mixing of additives and feed supplements.

From £3.00 excl VAT

5L Black Buckets (pack of 10)

Lightweight 5L feed or water buckets (pack of 10)

Good quality, lightweight but durable plastic buckets. They have a wide base so are more stable in a pen and less likely to be knocked over. Only 99p each.

A very popular product. Excellent value. Ideal for lambing pens.

£9.90 excl VAT

Hoof Proof Bucket - 15 l Red

Traditional multi-purpose stable bucket – but with a difference.

This Hoof Proof bucket has a lip for accurate pouring and it is manufactured using a highly durable and malleable material that you can actually push back into shape if it gets trodden on, for example. This makes it a really useful bucket to have around the farm.

• 15 l capacity
• Metric and Imperial measuring scale inside
• For farm, work-site or home and garden
• Strong, metal handle
• Pouring lip for accuracy
• Red
• 26 cm high, 35 cm diameter
• Easy to push back into shape. Very durable.

£6.00 excl VAT

Scoop & Pour Bucket - 14 l Black

Not all buckets are created equal!

And with a flat edge to scoop feed efficiently and a lip for accurate pouring, this versatile, practical bucket will become your go-to scooping/pouring/feeding tool everywhere on the farm.

• 14 litre capacity
• Measuring scale in gallons and litres inside
• Durable, metal handle
• Flat-edged scoop side with pouring lip on the other
• Black
• 26 cm (10.5”) tall, 35 cm (14”) wide
• Weight: 621 g

£4.50 excl VAT

Wash Brush 22 cm

Boil-proof rugged scrubbing brush

Not just a scrubbing brush, but a tool you’ll be able to count on to get surfaces properly clean. 22 cm in length, this brush can be boiled for deep cleaning and it will last and last.

The two splayed ends help you clean even in hard to reach corners and recesses.

£8.50 excl VAT

Kerbl Feeding Bucket with Super Teat or Vital Teat

• Complete with FixClip valve and teat
• Includes mounting bracket
• Holds 8 litres
• With metal handle
• Acid-proof
• Food safe
• Easy to clean
• Promotes natural suckling behaviour
• Natural suckling behaviour contributes to healthy calves

From £13.99 excl VAT

Wydale 5-Teat Calf Feeder

This popular Wydale 5-teat calf feeder is designed for fast, efficient group feeding. Designed to hang on the gate this feeder has 5 individual compartments which, when filled to the line, holds 2 litres, and when filled to the ridge along the back holds 3 litres per compartment.

Easy to maintain and keep clean

Length = 1270 mm
Weight = 9.5 kg
Width = 510 mm
Depth = 340 mm

Please call the office on 01643 841611 to order or for delivery charges to your area

£180.00 excl VAT

Replacement teats for Kerbl feeder bucket (pack of 5)

Complete with Teat and Unit

• Pack of 5 Super Teats
• Includes screw valves
• Proven standard super teat
• Will fit Multi Feeder

£9.50 excl VAT
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