Lambing Pens

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Lambing Pen Sides

Measuring 48" wide and 32" high, Shearwell lambing pen sides are made of 9mm top grade exterior ply. Interlinking with our adopters, each side is supplied with a locating pin. Larger sizes 60" x 30" x 12mm (30000) also available.

Lamb Adopters

With this unique patented design, Shearwell's Lamb Adopters maximise the use of space - ewes are backed into the adopter through yoke doors allowing the adopter to be placed back against the wall. When it is used in conjuction with our lambing pens, the front and back replace the pen sides and foster lambs can receive the mother's smell in the minimum of time. Additional adopters interlink, requiring one side less per unit. Slatted floor and dual height anti-crush bars are standard.